Motion 5 - Viewing Animated Emitter Curves in the Keyframe Editor

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Viewing Animated Emitter Curves in the Keyframe Editor

When you animate an emitter or cell parameter using keyframes, a curve describing that
animation appears in the Keyframe Editor. The selected object determines which curves
appear in the Keyframe Editor (when Animated is selected from the pop-up menu in the
top-left corner of the Keyframe Editor):

• Select the emitter to display animated emitter parameters such as Position and Rotation

(in the Properties Inspector) or Emission Angle and Range (in the Emitter Inspector).

• Select the cell to display animated parameters such as Birth Rate or Angle (in the Particle

Cell Inspector).


Chapter 14

Working with Particles

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Note: To manually send an animated parameter to the Keyframe Editor, choose Show
In Keyframe Editor from the parameter’s Animation menu.

The parameter is displayed in the Keyframe Editor in a new, untitled curve set.