Motion 5 - Applying Behaviors to Emitters

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Applying Behaviors to Emitters

Applying behaviors to emitters is a quick and easy way to move emitters in your project.
Attaching the Motion Path and Snap Alignment to Motion behaviors to an emitter affects
the position of the source of all new generated particles. Throw and Spin affect the position
and rotation, respectively, of the emitted particles, unless Affect Subobjects is deselected.

With all Basic Motion behaviors, after individual particles emerge, they’re unaffected by
changes to the position of the emitter. This means that moving the emitter around the
screen using behaviors results in the creation of a trail of particles that behave according
to their particle cell parameters.

Note: You can override this effect by increasing a cell’s Attach to Emitter parameter value
(in the Cell Controls group of the Emitter Inspector).

To apply a behavior to an emitter


Drag a behavior from the Library onto an emitter in the Canvas, Layers list, or Timeline.

The behavior is applied to the emitter, which begins to move according to the parameters
of the behavior.

Note: Not all behaviors instantly activate an object when applied. For example, when a
Throw behavior is applied to an object, the Throw Velocity parameter must be adjusted
before the object moves.