Motion 5 - Applying Behaviors to Cells

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Applying Behaviors to Cells

Simulation behaviors applied to cells are in turn applied to each particle generated from
that cell. This can result in some extremely complex animations as dozens of particles
move according to the behaviors you’ve defined. Behaviors applied to cells have no effect
on the position of the emitter. Parameter behaviors on a cell only affect particles when
they are created.

To apply a behavior to a cell


Drag a behavior from the Library to a cell in the Layers list or Timeline.

The behavior is applied to the cell, and all particles generated from that cell begin to
move according to the parameters of the behavior.

Tip: If you do not see your expected result when applying behaviors to particle cells, try
selecting or deselecting the Affect Subobjects checkbox (in the Behaviors Inspector) or
selecting a different option from the Affect pop-up menu in the HUD or Behaviors
Inspector. These parameters determine whether the entire object (such as the particle
emitter) or its components (such as the particle cells) are affected by the behavior and
how an object interacts with surrounding objects, respectively.


Chapter 14

Working with Particles

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Note: The Affect Subobjects checkbox only appears in the Behaviors Inspector when the
Throw and Spin behaviors are applied to a group that contains multiple objects, such as
a group, particle emitter, or text.