Motion 5 - Text Generators

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Text Generators

Other generators create background images and patterns, but Text generators use text
characters to create text-and-number-based animations, such as timecode, time-and-date,
or countdown animations. The Inspector for each Text generator contains four panes:
Format, Style, Layout, and Generator.

The first three panes (Format, Style, and Layout) control the font, size, color, outline, glow,
drop shadow, and other standard text attributes. These panes are nearly identical to those
in the Text Inspector for standard text layers, with two exceptions: The Text Generator
Inspector has no Text editor (a field in which custom text can be typed) or an Editable in
FCP checkbox. Additionally, the Text and Transform Glyph tools cannot be used to modify
text in Text generators. For information on the Format, Style, and Layout panes, see

Creating and Editing Text


There are four Text generators in Motion: File, Numbers, Time Date, and Timecode. The
parameters in the Text Generator Inspector of each type are described below.


Chapter 18

Working with Generators