Motion 5 - Saving Modified Generators

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Saving Modified Generators

After you modify or animate the parameters of a generator, you can save the generator
to the Library. For organizational purposes, name objects that you save to the Library
with a descriptive title.

To save a customized generator to the Library


To rename the modified generator, double-click the generator name in the Layers list.


Type the new generator name, then press Return.


In the Library, navigate to the Generators category.

Note: You can also save the modified generator in another category, such as Favorites.


From the Layers list, drag the modified generator to the Library stack.


Chapter 18

Working with Generators

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The modified generator is saved in the Generators category and appears organized
alphabetically in the stack. Custom items saved in the Library are identified with a user
badge in the lower-right corner of the icon.

Customized generator
saved in Library