Motion 5 - Editing Generators Using Onscreen Controls

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Editing Generators Using Onscreen Controls

The onscreen object transform tools, such as Transform, Anchor Point, Drop Shadow, and
so on, can be used to modify a nontext generator. Changes made to the generator using
these tools are reflected in the Properties Inspector. The Adjust Item tool is the only tool
that directly modifies a generator parameter, usually the Center or Offset parameter.
These changes are reflected in the Generator Inspector.

For more information on the transform tools, see

2D Transform Tools


To use the Adjust Item tool with a generator


Select the generator to modify.


Open the 2D transform tools pop-up menu in the toolbar and choose the Adjust Item
tool (the last tool in the list).

In the center of the Canvas, the center onscreen control appears.


Chapter 18

Working with Generators

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Drag the control to a new position.

The Offset or Center parameter is adjusted accordingly in the Generator Inspector.