Motion 5 - Animating Generators

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Animating Generators

Although most generators create static images, you can animate the parameters of a
generator to create a moving texture over time. This section discusses using the Generator
Inspector to animate the Checkerboard generator from the above example.

Note: You can also animate the parameters of an animated generator.

For information on using Parameter behaviors to animate a generator, see


Behaviors to Generators


To animate Checkerboard generator parameters


Move the playhead to the frame where you want to begin the animation.


Press A to turn on keyframe animation recording.


With the generator selected, set the initial parameter values in the Generator Inspector:


Drag the Size slider to set the initial checker size.


Click the color wells and pick the initial colors.


Drag the Contrast slider to set the initial contrast value.


Drag a Center parameter value slider to set the initial Center value.

The value slider on the left of the Center parameter controls the X position of the
checkers, and the value slider on the right controls the Y position. To animate checkers
horizontally, use the left value slider. To animate checkers vertically, use the right slider.


Chapter 18

Working with Generators

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Move the playhead to the frame where you want to create the next keyframe.


In the Generator Inspector, change the generator Size, Colors, and Contrast parameter


Play the project (press the Space bar).

The animated generator parameters create a moving, changing texture. If you’re satisfied
with the result, press A again to turn off keyframe recording.