Motion 5 - Star

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The Star generator creates a glowing star shape that contains an alpha channel. The scale,
width, angle, epsilon (which fine-tunes the size of the star spikes), and opacity of the
spikes can be modified and keyframed, as well as the position, color, and radius of the

Default Star generator

Multiple modified Star generators over gradient

Parameters in the Inspector


Sets the position of the center of the star.


Chapter 18

Working with Generators

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You can also use the Adjust Item tool to modify this parameter with onscreen controls.
For more information, see

Editing Generators Using Onscreen Controls



Picks the halo around the star. Click the disclosure triangle to display Red, Green,

Blue, and Opacity sliders for more precise color selection.


Sets the radius of the circle at the center of the star. Values range from 0 to 300.

Spike Scale:

Sets the size of the star spikes. Values range from 0 to 100.

Spike Angle:

Sets the angles of the star spikes.

Spike Opacity:

Sets the opacity of the star spikes. Values range from –8 to 0.

Spike Width:

Sets the width of the star spikes. Values range from 0 to 50.


Fine-tunes the strength of the star spikes. Values ranges from –2 to 0.

Publish OSC:

Selecting this checkbox ensures that if this generator is sent to Final Cut Pro X

as part of a template, the onscreen controls are accessible in Final Cut Pro. For more about
publishing onscreen controls and other parameters see

Creating Templates for

Final Cut Pro X


HUD Controls
The HUD contains the following controls: Color, Radius, Spike Scale, Spike Angle, Spike
Opacity, Spike Width, and Epsilon.