Motion 5 - Op Art 2

background image

Op Art 2

This generator creates mathematically oriented patterns using a repetition of simple
shapes. Although some static patterns create a visual illusion of movement, you can
keyframe Op Art parameters to create moving moiré patterns.

Default Op Art 2 generator

Modified Op Art 2 generator (composited over a
second image with Blend Mode set to Soft Light
in the Properties Inspector)

Parameters in the Inspector


Sets how close or far away the dots appear.


Sets the angle of the dot rows.

Dot Color:

Sets the color of the dots.

Background Color:

Sets the color of the background.

For more information on using the color controls, see

Color Controls



Sets how sharp or blurred the division is between the dots and the background.

Dot Size:

Sets the dot size.


Sets how shallow or deep the fold in the imaginary paper appears.

HUD Controls
The HUD contains the following controls: Scale, Angle, Dot Color, Background Color,
Contrast, Dot Size, and Compression.


Chapter 18

Working with Generators