Motion 5 - Working with Audio Tracks

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Working with Audio Tracks

When you add an audio file to your project, Motion creates one or more audio tracks for
the file. In the Audio list of the Project pane, you can turn audio tracks on and off, select
tracks, mute and solo tracks, and control their volume and pan settings.

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Pan dial


Level slider

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Changes you make to an audio track, such as renaming or trimming it, do not

affect the source audio file.

The following list summarizes audio controls available to individual audio tracks:

To select an audio track: Click in the row containing the track’s name and controls in

the Audio list or Audio Timeline. Selected tracks are highlighted. You can select multiple
tracks by Shift-clicking.

To turn an audio track on or off: Click the activation checkbox on the left side of the

track. (You can also click the activation checkbox to the left of the track’s name in the
Audio Timeline). Turning off an audio track removes it from the audio mix.

To rename a track: Double-click the track’s name, then enter a new name.

To adjust a track’s audio volume: In the Audio list, the track’s HUD, or the Audio Track

Inspector, drag the Level slider to set the level you want. You can also change the
parameter numerically using the value field to the right of the Level slider in the Audio
Track Inspector.

To pan a track, changing its position: Adjust the Pan dial left or right. (In the Audio Track

Inspector or Audio Track HUD, drag the Pan slider left or right).

To mute a track, temporarily silencing it during playback: Click the Mute button. When

you mute an audio track, it is silent during playback, but is still part of the mix when
you export your project. You can also mute tracks in the Audio Timeline by
Control-clicking a track and choosing Mute from the shortcut menu.

To solo a track, temporarily muting all other tracks: Click the Solo button. When you solo

an audio track, all other audio tracks are muted, which lets you hear the soloed track
more clearly. If you solo multiple audio tracks, all tracks not soloed are muted (silent)
during playback.


Chapter 23

Working with Audio

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To unlink a track: Click the link icon. Unlinked audio can be moved independently of

its accompanying video track in the Timeline. Click the link icon again to relink it to the
same video track it was originally linked to. If you’ve offset its position in the Timeline,
the offset is maintained when the audio track is linked again.

To lock a track, preventing it from being edited: Click the lock icon on the right side of

the track. Click the lock icon again to unlock the track. When a track is locked, you
cannot mute or solo the track, change its level or pan, move or trim it, or add keyframes.
You can still play the track, and turn it on or off.