Motion 5 - Looping an Audio Clip

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Looping an Audio Clip

Another way of extending a clip’s duration is by looping it. You can easily loop a clip by
adjusting it in the Audio Timeline. When a looped audio clip reaches its last frame, the
audio starts playing from its first frame.

To loop an audio clip


Position the pointer close to the end of the clip in the Audio Timeline.


Holding down the Option and Shift keys so the loop pointer appears, drag the end of the
green bar to the left.

As you drag, a tooltip displays the clip’s In and Out points, duration, and loop duration.

First loop barrier

The Audio Timeline displays looped clips with barriers to indicate where loops begin and

The first loop barrier in a clip’s bar is interactive. Moving the barrier changes the point
where the clip loops.

To change the loop point of an audio clip


Drag the first loop barrier left or right.

The end point of the clip’s loop moves as you drag.


Chapter 23

Working with Audio