Motion 5 - Import File Formats

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Import File Formats

Motion supports audio in a variety of common file formats, sample rates, and bit depths.
Supported import file formats include:




• AAC (except rights-protected AAC files)

• QuickTime Audio (.mov)

Note: Multitrack QuickTime movie files and multichannel audio files are also supported.

You can import audio files with sample rates up to 192 kHz and with bit depths up to
32 bits. Mono and stereo files are supported.

Note: Because MP3 and AAC are compressed file formats, playback quality may not be
as high as with uncompressed formats such as AIFF.


Chapter 23

Working with Audio

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When you add an audio file to your project, Motion converts it to its own internal format.
This allows you to use audio files with different formats, sample rates, and bit depths in
the same project. When you export your project, the audio is exported according to the
current audio settings in the Export dialog.