Motion 5 - Pasting into a Region Using the Paste Special Command

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Pasting into a Region Using the Paste Special Command

You can also paste objects into a defined region using the Paste Special command. You
have three choices for how the “paste into” is performed. You can insert, pushing the
existing region down in time; overwrite the existing contents of the region; or exchange
the existing objects with the Clipboard contents. In all these cases, the pasted objects
never exceed the duration of the region they are pasted into.

To paste into a region


Select the object to copy to the Clipboard to be pasted.


Press Command-C to copy or Command-X to cut your selection.


Holding down the Command and Option keys, drag in the ruler to select a region.


Choose Edit > Paste Special.

The Paste Special dialog appears.


Select Insert, Overwrite, or Exchange, then click OK.

The Clipboard contents are pasted into the region using the method you specified. For
more information on the different editing types, see

Adding Layers to the Track Area



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