Motion 5 - Moving Object Bars to the Playhead Position

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Moving Object Bars to the Playhead Position

You can move an object bar to a new location in its track by using the Move Selected In
Point or Move Selected Out Point command. This command shifts the position of the
selected object bar to the current playhead position. You can also use this command to
move and align multiple objects in one operation.

To move an object bar to the playhead position


Select the object bar to move.

Shift-click to select multiple object bars, if desired.


Place the playhead at the point in the Timeline where you want to move the object.


Choose Mark > Move Selected In Point (or press Shift-Left Bracket) to align the object’s
beginning to the playhead, or choose Mark > Move Selected Out Point (or press Shift-Right
Bracket) to align the end of the object to the playhead position.