Motion 5 - Managing Track Order

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Managing Track Order

The Timeline layers list provides you with the tools to control layer order. In 2D groups,
the topmost track in the list appears on top of other layers in the Canvas. You might need
to rearrange the order of objects in your project to get the effects you want.

To rearrange layers in a group


In the Timeline layers list, drag the layer icon you want to move to a new position between
the other tracks.


When the position indicator appears in the location you want, release the mouse button.

The tracks are reordered.

To move a layer from one group to another group


Drag the layer icon in the Timeline layers list over another group.

A white border highlights the group.


Release the mouse button.

The layer moves into the selected group and is placed above any existing layers in that

You can also move a layer to a specific place in the new group by dragging it between
existing tracks in the new group. Motion’s groups and layers are “spring-loaded,” which
means that when they are collapsed, dragging an object onto them and pausing causes
them to temporarily expand, like folders in the Finder.

To drop a layer inside a collapsed group


Drag the layer onto the collapsed group in the Timeline layers list.


Position the pointer over the name of the group until the group expands.


Chapter 8

Using the Timeline

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Drag the layer to the desired location in the group, then release the mouse button.