Motion 5 - Editing Marker Information

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Editing Marker Information

You can edit the information for a marker, including its name, starting frame, duration,
and color. You can also add comments to the marker. Comments show up as a tooltip
when the pointer is placed over the marker.

To edit marker information


Open the Edit Marker dialog by doing one of the following:

• Double-click a marker to display the Edit Marker dialog.

• Control-click the Marker, then choose Edit Marker from the shortcut menu.

The Edit Marker dialog appears.

• For object markers, move the playhead to the marker, then choose Mark > Markers >

Edit Marker (or press Command-Option-M).


Enter a name in the Name field.


Chapter 8

Using the Timeline

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Text added to the Name field for project markers appears when the pointer is over the


Enter a value or drag in the Start field.

The marker moves to the frame number you enter (or timecode number, if the timing
display is set to show timecode).


Enter a value or drag in the Duration field to specify the range of frames (or timecode)
for the marker.


Enter text in the Comment field.

This comment appears as a tooltip when you pause the pointer over project markers.


Click a Color button to set the marker color.

Project markers have an additional field called Type. For more information, see


Template Markers



Click OK to accept your changes.