Motion 5 - Exchange

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The Exchange drop menu option is a variant of the Overwrite option, but instead of
dropping the entire duration of the new layer into the project, the duration of the existing
layer is used.


Chapter 8

Using the Timeline

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For example, if you drag a 30-second clip over a 5-second clip, choosing Exchange swaps
the existing 5 seconds with the first 5 seconds of the longer clip.

If you exchange a longer clip with a shorter one—for example, swapping a 10-second
clip with one that lasts only 5 seconds—the first 5 seconds are replaced, and the final
5 seconds of the original remain.


The exchange edit transfers any filters, behaviors, and keyframes from the

original layer onto the new layer.

Note: You cannot use Exchange with audio files.

To exchange a layer


Drag an item from the File Browser, Library, or Media list into the Timeline track area.

As you drag, a tooltip appears, indicating the frame number where you are located.


Drag to the frame where you want the new layer to start, holding down the mouse button
until the drop menu appears.


Choose Exchange from the drop menu.

The old layer is replaced by the new layer.


Chapter 8

Using the Timeline