Motion 5 - Using Parameter Behaviors with the Sequence Replicator Behavior

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Using Parameter Behaviors with the Sequence Replicator Behavior

Like all other layers in Motion, you can add Parameter behaviors to Sequence Replicator
parameters to create even more varied, complex effects without keyframing.

To apply a Parameter behavior to a Sequence Replicator behavior


In the Layers list or Timeline, select the Sequence Replicator behavior.


In the Inspector, Control-click the parameter you want to add a Parameter behavior to,
then choose a behavior from the Add Parameter Behavior submenu menu.

Note: You can only add a Parameter behavior to parameters that include the Animation
menu. The Animation menu appears when you place your mouse at the right side of the
parameter row.


Chapter 15

Using the Replicator

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The Parameter behavior is added and appears above the Sequence Replicator behavior
in the Behaviors Inspector. A behavior icon appears in the Animation menu of the
Sequence Replicator parameter.

Behavior icon

Note: When the Wriggle or Randomize parameter behavior is added to a Sequence
Replicator parameter, the Affect Subobjects checkbox becomes available. Select the
checkbox if you want each element in the pattern to display a different random behavior.

For more information on using Parameter behaviors, see

Parameter Behaviors