Motion 5 - Using Behaviors with Replicators

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Using Behaviors with Replicators

As with all layers in Motion, you can apply Basic Motion, Parameter, and Simulation
behaviors to a replicator. Some behaviors can be applied directly to replicator cells, such
as Throw and Spin (from the Basic Motion subcategory) and Gravity and Edge Collision
(from the Simulation category).

To apply a behavior to a replicator
Do one of the following:


Drag a behavior from the Library onto a replicator in the Canvas, Layers list, or Timeline.


Chapter 15

Using the Replicator

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Select the replicator in the Layers list, Canvas, or Timeline, then choose an item from the
Add Behavior pop-up menu.

The behavior is applied to the replicator, which begins to move according to the
parameters of the behavior.

Not all behaviors instantly activate a layer when applied. For example, when a Throw
behavior is applied to a layer, the Throw Velocity parameter must be adjusted before the
object moves.

For more information on behaviors, see

Using Behaviors


As previously noted, the replicator also has a special behavior called Sequence Replicator,
which allows you to animate individual cells in sequence over time. For more information
on the Sequence Replicator behavior, see

Using the Sequence Replicator Behavior


For more information on applying Parameter behaviors to the Sequence Replicator
behavior, see

Using Parameter Behaviors with the Sequence Replicator Behavior