Motion 5 - Replicators and the Properties Inspector

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Replicators and the Properties Inspector

As with any other layer in Motion, a replicator’s properties (such as its position, scale,
blend mode, or drop shadow) can be modified in the Properties Inspector or by using
the onscreen transform controls. These properties are separate from the replicator
parameters in the Replicator and Replicator Cell Inspectors, which control the shape and
size of the replicator, as well as all aspects of its pattern and cells.

The following sections briefly discuss using replicator-related parameters in the Properties
Inspector. For more information on the Properties Inspector, see

Parameters in the

Properties Inspector


Note: When a replicator cell is selected (as opposed to the replicator, itself ), only the
Timing controls appear in the Properties Inspector. The Timing controls allow you to
adjust the In and Out points of the replicator cell.


Some operations performed in the Properties Inspector, such as turning on

Crop or Drop Shadow, or the application of some filters or a mask, cause a group to be
rasterized. When a group is rasterized, it is converted into a bitmap image. Because all
replicators live in groups, rasterization affects how replicators interact with other objects
in your project. For more information, see

Particles, Replicators, and Rasterization



Chapter 15

Using the Replicator

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The following sections cover replicator properties that can be adjusted in the Properties

Transform Controls


Lighting (3D Project)

Shadows (3D Project)

Reflection (3D Project)

Drop Shadow

Four Corner