Motion 5 - Replicator Cell HUD Controls

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Replicator Cell HUD Controls

The Replicator Cell HUD contains frequently used controls necessary to modify the
attributes of elements in the replicator pattern. These parameters are a subset of the
parameters found in the Cell Controls section of the Replicator Inspector (for replicators
with one cell) or in the Replicator Cell Inspector (for replicators with more than one cell).
The Replicator Cell HUD contains sliders to adjust the Angle, Angle End, Angle Randomness,
Scale, Scale End, and Scale of Randomness parameters. For more information about
replicator cell parameters, see

Replicator Cell Controls in the Inspector


To view the Replicator Cell HUD, select a replicator cell in the Layers list or Timeline. (If
the HUD does not appear, press F7 or D.)