Motion 5 - Replicator Source Objects

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Replicator Source Objects

Any image-based layer in Motion can be replicated (used as a cell source), including
shapes, text, images, image sequences, and clips.


Chapter 15

Using the Replicator

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Note: Replicators themselves, particle emitters, lights, cameras, and rigs cannot be

Transformations that you apply to the source are respected in the replicator cells. For
example, if you use a rotated rectangle shape as the replicator source layer, the replicated
elements in the Canvas appear rotated. If the source layer has applied filters, the effects
of the filters are retained in the elements of the replicator pattern.

Note: Replicating a movie, especially with applied filters, adversely impacts your computer’s
processing performance. For better performance, output your sequence with the filter
applied, then import it and use the movie as a replicator source.

Creating Graphics and Animated Clips for a Replicator

Creating a replicator from scratch begins with adding or designing the graphic you
want to replicate. The guidelines for creating source layers for a particle system also
apply to creating sources for the replicator. For more information, see

Creating Graphics

and Animations for Particle Systems