Motion 5 - Shape and Mask Drawing Tools

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Shape and Mask Drawing Tools

Shapes and masks (and paint strokes) are made with splines, and they’re created and
edited using similar tools. This section covers the two spline-drawing methods available
in Motion: Bezier splines and B-Splines. You can use Bezier shapes and B-Spline shapes
interchangeably for any task. The default shape type is Bezier.


Chapter 20

Using Shapes, Masks, and Paint Strokes

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Bezier splines are good for drawing shapes for illustration. The controls used to manipulate
Bezier splines are similar to those found in many other drawing and compositing
applications, so they may be familiar to you. Bezier controls lend themselves to the creation
of precise, detailed shapes. Tangent handles adjust the curvature of the shape on either
side of the control point, and this defines the surface of the shape.

Tangent handles

Bezier control point

B-Splines can also be used to draw shapes, but unlike Bezier controls, B-Splines are
manipulated using only points—there are no tangent handles. Furthermore, the points
themselves do not lie on the surface of the shape. Instead, each B-Spline control point is
offset from the shape’s surface, magnetically pulling that section of the shape toward
itself to create a curve. By combining the influence of multiple B-Spline points, you can
create different curves. B-Splines are extremely smooth—by default, there are no sharp
angles in B-Spline shapes, although you can create sharper curves, if necessary.

B-Spline control point

Because B-Spline controls are so simple, they’re easy to animate and manipulate. The
tools you use for a specific task are largely a matter of personal preference.

Note: Shapes drawn with Bezier and B-Spline tools can be converted into paint strokes
by selecting the shape’s Outline checkbox and choosing a different brush type in the
Inspector. For more information, see

Creating Paint Strokes



Chapter 20

Using Shapes, Masks, and Paint Strokes