Motion 5 - How Snapshots Are Saved

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How Snapshots Are Saved

This section describes how you can set snapshots manually after parameters are linked
to a widget.

Snapshots are saved in the widget. Any parameter affected by a snapshot is persistently
displayed in the widget (even if that parameter is unmodified by the current snapshot
setting). Parameter controls in widgets are duplicates of the parameter controls they are
linked to.

For checkbox widgets, there are two snapshots: one for the selected state and one for
the deselected state. Making changes to the linked parameters affects the snapshot for
the current state of the checkbox.

For pop-up menu widgets, there are as many snapshots as there are menu items. Add
menu items by clicking the Add button (+) to the right of the pop-up menu in the Widget
Inspector. Making changes to the parameters affects the selected pop-up menu item.


Chapter 10

Using Rigs

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For slider widgets, you must select a snapshot tag before enabling Edit Rig Mode.

Selected snapshot tag

After parameters are added to the widget, they can be modified only when a specific
snapshot tag is selected. If a slider widget is set between two tags, you cannot modify