Motion 5 - Crystallize

background image


Simulates the effect of viewing an image through a pane of glass with irregular facets
patterned into it. These mosaic-like facets give an image a crystallized appearance. This
filter is automatically animated, and the facets appear to shift and turn according to the
value in the Speed parameter. To prevent the facets from moving, set the Speed to zero.

This filter causes rasterization in 3D groups. For more information on rasterization, see

About Rasterization


Original image

Crystallize applied

Parameters in the Inspector


Sets the size of the facets.


Sets the speed of the animation of the facets.


Sets whether facet colors are based on average values in the area they are

replacing, or single samples taken from the center of the facet.


Sets the amount of feathering applied to the edges of facets.


Sets the percentage of the original image to be blended with the filtered image.

HUD Controls
The HUD contains the following controls: Size, Speed, Smooth, and Feathering.


Chapter 19

Using Filters