Motion 5 - Refraction

background image


Creates a glass-distortion effect on an image, with an optional height map. This filter
causes rasterization in 3D groups. For more information on rasterization, see




Original image

Refraction applied with a height map

Parameters in the Inspector


Sets the amount of softness applied to the refracted edges.


Sets the amount that the image is distorted.

Height Map:

Displays a thumbnail of the height map chosen. The height map is used to

determine the edges along which the image is refracted. To learn how to add an object
to the Height Map well, see

Source Well


Map Channel:

Sets the channel used to determine how the image is refracted. If a height

map is present, the channel is selected from the height map; otherwise the channel is
selected from the source object. Values can be selected from the following: Luminance
(default), Red, Green, Blue, or Alpha.


Sets the percentage of the original image to be blended with the distorted image.

HUD Controls
The HUD contains the following controls: Softness, Refraction, Height Map, and Map


Chapter 19

Using Filters