Motion 5 - Gradient Colorize

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Gradient Colorize

Uses each pixel’s color value to determine the application of a color value from a gradient.

Original image

Gradient Colorize with Rainbow gradient

Parameters in the Inspector


Selects a gradient preset to be applied to the object. Is also used to edit a

custom gradient.


Chapter 19

Using Filters

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For more information on using the Gradient editor, see

Using the Gradient Editor



Sets an amount, in degrees, that the color wheel is offset to determine color

application. Values start at 0 degrees.


Sets the number of times the gradient repeats over the course of its range.

Repeat Method:

Sets the method by which the gradient is mapped when repeating.

Values can be set to Mirror (default) or Wrap. This parameter affects the filter when Repeats
is set to a number greater than 1.

Map Channel:

Sets the channel used to determine how the image is colorized. Values

can be selected from the following: Luminance (default), Red, Green, Blue, or Alpha.


Sets the percentage of the original image to be blended with the color-corrected


HUD Controls
The HUD contains the following controls: Gradient, Offset, Repeats, Repeat Method, and
Map Channel.