Motion 5 - Brightness

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Boosts or lowers the uniform brightness of an image by a specified amount.


Chapter 19

Using Filters

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Although this may seem to be the first filter to use to correct for improper exposure in
an image, Brightness boosts or lowers everything in an image at once. This means that
raising the brightness in an image raises brightness everywhere, including in the shadows.
Consequently, a brightened image can look washed out.

However, this filter is useful for modifying the edges and effects of shapes, masks, particle
systems, and generators.

A better filter for exposure correction is the Gamma filter. For more information, see



Original image

Brightness filter applied

Parameters in the Inspector


Sets the multiplying brightness value applied to the object.


Sets the percentage of the original image to be blended with the color-corrected


HUD Controls
The HUD contains the following control: Brightness.