Motion 5 - Defocus

background image


Mimics the out-of-focus effect that occurs through a real-world camera lens. The Defocus
filter blurs an image while creating realistic lens artifacts that mimic the aperture shape
in brighter areas of the image. The shape of the blur can be customized.

Tip: Use this filter when you are trying to blur an image to match video or stills shot with
a camera. For example, if you key a woman standing in front of a blue screen, and you
intend to place a background image behind her to make it look like she’s standing in a
valley with mountains in the background, use the Defocus filter instead of a Gaussian
Blur to create a realistic depth-of-field effect for the mountains in the distance.

Original image

Defocus applied

Parameters in the Inspector


Sets the radius of the defocus.


Sets the amount of gain applied to the high luminance areas.


Sets the shape of the lens aperture to Circle or Polygon.


Sets the number of sides of the lens aperture, if Shape pop-up menu is set to



Sets the angle of rotation of the polygonal lens aperture, if Shape is set to


Aspect Ratio:

Sets the aspect ratio of the lens aperture.


Sets whether the blur is cropped at the object’s original border.


Sets the percentage of the original image to be blended with the blurred image.

HUD Controls
The HUD contains the following controls: Amount, Gain, Shape, Sides, Rotation, and
Aspect Ratio.


Chapter 19

Using Filters