Motion 5 - Stutter

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This behavior randomly inserts hold frames, of random durations, into the playback of a
clip. The effect is similar to a tape that sticks during play in a videocassette recorder.

Parameters in the Inspector

Stutter Amount:

A slider that sets the probability that a hold frame is generated at the

given frame. When set to 0%, no hold frames are created; when set to 100%, every frame
is a hold frame. Values between 0 and 100 indicate the probability of frames (within the
duration of the behavior) that are replaced by hold frames. The default value is 10%.

Duration Range:

A slider that sets the maximum duration of hold frames. A value of 1

inserts single-frame hold frames at a frequency determined by the Stutter Amount
parameter. Increasing the Duration Range increases the range of hold frames. For example,
a value of 30 creates random hold frames with a minimum of 1 frame and a maximum
of 30 frames. The default value is 3 frames.


Chapter 9

Using Behaviors

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Random Seed:

A button that lets you pick a new random seed number. This number is

used to randomly generate new values, based on the other parameters of this behavior.

HUD Controls
The HUD contains the Stutter Amount, Duration Range, and Random Seed parameters.