Motion 5 - Scrub

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Like the Scrub filter, the Scrub behavior moves a virtual playhead around a clip, allowing
you to change the timing of the clip without moving it in the Timeline. Additionally, the
Scrub behavior allows you to animate the offset parameter using keyframes or Parameter
behaviors, often with interesting results. Try applying the Oscillate behavior to the Frame
offset, with the Offset From parameter set to Current Frame.

Note: You can also apply Parameter behaviors to the Retime Value parameter in the
Timing controls for the clip object. The Timing controls are located in the Properties
Inspector. Time Remap must be set to Variable Speed to access the Retime Value


Scrub does not affect clip audio.

Parameters in the Inspector

Frame Offset:

Sets the offset of the virtual playhead.

Offset From:

Sets the position where the virtual playhead is offset. Values can be selected

from First Frame or Current Frame.

HUD Controls
The HUD contains the Frame Offset and Offset From parameters.