Motion 5 - Flash Frame

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Flash Frame

This behavior randomly inserts a user-defined range of random frames (adjacent to the
current frame) into the playback of a clip.

Parameters in the Inspector

Random Frames:

A slider that sets the probability that a frame within the duration of

the behavior is replaced with a random frame. When this value is set to 0, no random
frames are inserted. When set to 100, every frame is random. The default value is 10%.

Frame Range:

A slider that defines the range from which the random frames are chosen,

based around the current frame. The default value is 10 frames.


A slider that sets the duration of the sequence of random frames. The default

value is 1, which means 1 random frame is inserted at a time. When Duration is set to 30,
for example, 30-frame sequences (chosen from the Frame Range) are randomly inserted.
The Duration value overrides the Random Frame count (so a new random frame does
not interrupt the sequence).

Random Seed:

A button that lets you pick a new random seed number. This number is

used to randomly generate new values, based on the other parameters of this behavior.

HUD Controls
The HUD contains the Random Frames, Frame Range, Duration, and Random Seed


Chapter 9

Using Behaviors