Motion 5 - Retiming Behaviors

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Retiming Behaviors Versus Timing Controls in the Inspector

When a clip is selected, a group of Timing parameters appears in the Properties Inspector.
These controls allow you to do some of the same effects as the Retiming behaviors,
such as slowing down or speeding up, looping, or reversing a clip; however, the Timing
controls affect the entire clip. The power of the Retiming behaviors is that you can define
which portion of the clip is affected by the behavior. Any timing changes made to a clip
using the Inspector’s Timing controls are respected by the Retiming behaviors. For
example, if you changed the speed of the clip to 50% in the Timing parameters, a
Retiming behavior uses that half-speed clip as its source. For more information on Timing
controls in the Inspector, see




Chapter 9

Using Behaviors

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The following sections cover the Retiming behaviors:

Flash Frame

Hold Frame


Ping Pong



Reverse Loop


Set Speed