Motion 5 - Stop

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The Stop behavior suspends parameter animation (created by keyframes or applied
behaviors) of an object. For example, if you assign the Stop parameter behavior to the
Position parameter of an object moving across the screen and rotating, the object ceases
to move across the screen but continues to rotate.

Each behavior’s effect on the object is frozen at the first frame of the Stop behavior in
the Timeline. Keyframes applied to that parameter cease to have any effect for the duration
of the Stop behavior in the Timeline.

If the Stop behavior is shorter than the object to which it’s applied, all keyframes and
behaviors affecting that channel immediately take effect after the last frame of the Stop
behavior. For more information on using the Stop behavior, see

Using the Stop Behavior


Parameters in the Inspector

Apply To:

The Apply To pop-up menu shows the parameter being stopped and can be

used to reassign the Stop behavior to another parameter.

HUD Controls
The HUD control allows you to change the parameter assignment.


Chapter 9

Using Behaviors