Motion 5 - Average

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This behavior smoothes the transition from one value to another caused by keyframes
and behaviors applied to a parameter. Use the Average behavior to smooth out animated
effects. Averaged motion moves more fluidly, while averaged changes to parameters
such as Opacity and to filter parameters appear to happen more gradually. Use the
Window Size parameter to adjust the amount by which to smooth the affected parameter.

Tip: The Average behavior can be used to smooth out the sequence of values generated
by a Randomize behavior.

Parameters in the Inspector

Window Size:

A slider lets you adjust the amount of smoothing to apply to the affected

parameter by specifying the number of adjacent frames to average together. Higher
values apply more smoothing by averaging a wider range of values, resulting in more
fluid animation. Lower values average a narrower range of values and apply less smoothing
with values closer to the original.

Apply To:

The Apply To pop-up menu shows the parameter affected and can be used

to reassign the behavior to another parameter.

HUD Controls
The HUD lets you adjust the Window Size parameter and change the parameter

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