Motion 5 - Where Parameter Behaviors Appear

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Where Parameter Behaviors Appear

Like other behaviors, Parameter behaviors appear nested underneath the objects they’re
applied to in the Layers list and Timeline, along with any other behaviors applied to that

Note: Although Parameter behaviors appear nested under objects in the Layers list, each
Parameter behavior is applied to a single parameter of an object, and not the object itself.

The Oscillate parameter behavior icon in the following screenshot includes an image
similar to a funnel. The funnel represents the “channeling” of individual parameters.

The same icon is used for the representation of Parameter behaviors in the Timeline.

Control-clicking a parameter’s name in the Inspector, or clicking the pop-up menu at the
right of a parameter opens the Animation menu. The Animation menu displays the names
of behaviors applied to that parameter. Choosing a behavior opens the Behaviors Inspector.


Chapter 9

Using Behaviors

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As with all other behaviors, when a Parameter behavior is applied to an object in your
project, a behavior icon (a gear) appears over the Keyframe button of the affected
parameter in the Properties, Behaviors, or Filters Inspector where it is applied.