Motion 5 - Value Sliders

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Value Sliders

Although basic sliders are fixed-range controls, some parameters can be set to values
outside of a limited range. For those parameters, a second type of slider control is often
available, known as a value slider. A value slider appears as light gray number, often to
the right of a basic slider. For example, the Amount parameter in the Gaussian Blur filter
has a basic slider with a default range of 0 to 64; however, you can adjust this parameter
up to 600 using the adjacent value slider.

There are two ways to adjust a value slider: by dragging over the number, left or right,
to decrease or increase the parameter value; or by double-clicking the number, then
entering a new value.

Parameters with effectively infinite ranges, such as Scale, can be set to any positive or
negative value. The value slider can display up to 18 digits to accommodate large values.

To modify the value of a parameter using a value slider
Do one of the following:


Drag right or left over the numbers to increase or decrease the value.

To change the value in larger increments, press Shift while dragging. To change the values
in smaller increments, press Option while dragging.


Click or double-click the number, then enter a value in the field.