Motion 5 - Basic Sliders

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Basic Sliders

Sliders are used to set values in a fixed range. For example, opacity must fall between 0%
and 100%. Drag the slider to set a value anywhere within that range.

Although sliders are fixed-range controls, some parameters can be set to values outside
of that limited range. For those parameters, a second type of slider control is available: a
value slider, which is described in the next section. For example, the Amount slider in the
Gaussian Blur filter has a default range of 0 to 64, but can be set as high as 600 using the
accompanying value slider.

To change the value of a basic slider


Drag the slider to the left to decrease values and to the right to increase values.


Option-click to the left or right of the slider to decrease or increase by a value of 1.


Chapter 3

User Interface Controls