Motion 5 - Resizing the Timeline

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Resizing the Timeline

You can adjust the height of the tracks in the Timeline to provide more or less vertical
space. You can also change the width of the Timeline track area.

To adjust track height
Do one of the following:


In the Timeline layers list, position the pointer over a horizontal row separator and drag
up to decrease or down to increase the height of all tracks.


Choose Mini, Small, Medium, or Large from the pop-up menu in the bottom-left corner
of the Timeline layers list.

Note: Dragging the row separators up or down sets the pop-up menu to Custom.

To change the width of the Timeline


Position the pointer over the rightmost edge of the Timeline layers list.


When the pointer changes to the column adjust pointer, drag right to narrow or left to
widen the track area.


Chapter 2

The Motion Interface