Motion 5 - Keyframe Graph

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Keyframe Graph

The keyframe graph, located to the right of the parameter list, displays all curves and
keyframes for selected parameters. Parameters are represented by different colors.
Keyframes appear as diamonds, and curves appear as solid lines. Areas before the first
keyframe and after the last keyframe are represented by dotted lines. Selected parameters
and keyframes appear white.

You can manipulate keyframes by dragging them in the graph. Moving keyframes left
and right changes their position in time, while dragging them up and down changes
their values. You can also double-click a keyframe, enter a number into the pop-up value
field, and then press Return to change its value.

Control-click a keyframe to access shortcut menu options as well as an Interpolation
submenu, which allows you to change curve types. For more information on manipulating
keyframes and curves in the graph, see

Modifying Keyframes


Modifying Curves