Motion 5 - Audio Master Track

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Audio Master Track

Each project has a Master audio track. The controls for the Master track are located at the
bottom of the Audio list, below the audio tracks. Using the Master track’s controls, you
can make changes that affect the final mixed output of all audio tracks. For example, you
can lower the volume of all tracks simultaneously or pan all tracks to the left or right.

Pan dial

Level slider

Level meters

Clipping indicators

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Mute button

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Audio output
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The Master track is turned on by default. When it is deselected, no sound is audible when
you play the project, and no audio is included when you export your project. When it is
turned on, all audio tracks that are turned on are included in your export.

To the right of the Master track controls are stereo level meters that display the combined
level of all audible tracks.

Except for an editable name field and a solo icon, the Master track has the same controls
as the individual audio tracks. For more information, see

Working with Audio