Motion 5 - Project Pane

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Project Pane

The Project pane, located between the File Browser, Library, or Inspector and the Canvas,
contains three lists, each of which provides access to a different aspect of your project:

Layers list: Displays the hierarchy of objects (groups, layers, cameras, lights, behaviors,

filters, and so on) in your project.

Media list: Shows the files imported into your project.

Audio list: Provides access to, and control of, audio files in your project.

More than simple lists of items in a project, these panes let you organize key attributes
of a motion graphics composition, including the stacking order of image layers, audio
settings, and source media settings.

To collapse or expand the Project pane
Do one of the following:


Choose Window > Show Project Pane (or press F5).


Click the Show/Hide Project Pane button in the bottom of the Canvas.


Use a horizontal three-finger swipe on a Multi-Touch device.

When the Project pane collapses, the Canvas expands.

To resize the Project pane
Do one of the following:


Drag the right edge of the pane left or right.


Chapter 2

The Motion Interface

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Choose Window > Hide Timing Pane (or press F6).

The Timing pane is hidden and the Project pane is lengthened.