Motion 5 - Working in the Library

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Working in the Library

Although you can’t modify the effects, elements, and folders built into Motion, you can
manage custom content in the Library. You can organize custom effects, elements, and
folders in the Library stack in the same way you manipulate files in the Finder. You can
create folders and delete certain files or folders.

You can also easily create, save, and organize files and themes in the Library.

To create a new folder


Click the New Folder button (+) in the lower-left corner of the Library.


Chapter 2

The Motion Interface

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For more information on organizing custom folders and content, see

Adding Content to

the Library


To rename a folder or file
Do one of the following:


In the Library stack, Control-click the custom file or folder, then choose Rename from the
shortcut menu. When the text field becomes active, enter a name, then press Return.


Click the name of the folder or file once to select it, then click it again to activate the text
field. Enter a name, then press Return.


Renaming custom folders or files from the Library renames the item on your

hard disk or networked hard disk. If projects use files from the originally named folder,
Motion may list the item as missing.

To delete a folder or file


In the stack, Control-click the custom file, then choose Move to Trash from the shortcut


Deleting custom folders or files from the Library removes the files from your

hard disk or networked hard disk and places the files in your Trash.

To move a file into a folder


Drag the file to the folder icon.

The file is moved inside that folder.

To search for a file


Click the Search button, then enter text in the Search field.

The contents of the file stack are filtered to include files whose names contain the entered
text. Folders containing no matches are filtered out.

Note: The Search field is not available unless the Search button is selected.

To clear a file search


Click the Clear button at the right side of the Search field.

Note: Folders are not filtered out.