Motion 5 - Library Sidebar

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Library Sidebar

Underneath the Library preview area is the sidebar, which contains a list of folders of
effect types and content available in Motion. Clicking a folder in the sidebar displays its
contents in the file stack below. Above the Library categories in the sidebar are several
controls to navigate and sort the contents of the window.


Path pop-up menu

Theme pop-up menu

Forward and Back buttons:

Steps backward and forward through the folders most

recently viewed. These buttons work similarly to the Forward and Back buttons in a web

If you have a Mac with a Multi-Touch trackpad, you can also swipe left or right with three
fingers to navigate up or down the folder hierarchy.

Path pop-up menu (unlabeled):

Displays the file system hierarchy (folders inside of

folders) for the current folder.

Theme pop-up menu:

Lets you sort and organize Library content by theme. For more

information about working with themes, see

Working with Themes in the Library