Motion 5 - Library Preview Area

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Library Preview Area

The preview area contains a visual thumbnail showing the multiple frames of moving
footage, as well as previews of filters, behaviors, generators, particle emitters, replicators,
and so on. The preview area also contains text information for the library item, such as a
description of the behavior, filter, or generator. The Library preview area is almost identical
to the File Browser preview area, but instead of an Import button it contains an Apply

Note: When some particle emitters are selected in the stack, an animated preview plays
in the preview area.

To play a preview of an element such as a replicator


In the Library, click the Replicators category, click a replicator subcategory, then click a
replicator in the stack.

The preview plays in the preview area.

Note: To automatically play items selected in the File Browser or Library, choose Motion
> Preferences (or press Command-Comma), then select “Play items automatically on a
single click” in the File Browser & Library section of the General pane.

To pause or resume preview playback


Move the pointer over the visual preview, then click the Pause or Play button that appears
over the thumbnail.


Chapter 2

The Motion Interface