Motion 5 - Properties

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This pane, also referred to as the Properties Inspector, contains controls for setting basic
attributes of the selected object, such as Transform controls (position, scale, rotation, and
so on), Blending controls (opacity, blend mode, and so on), Shadows controls, Four Corner
controls, Crop controls, and controls for designating the object’s In and Out points.

Note: Parameter controls are available in the Properties Inspector depending on the type
of object selected. For example, when a 3D group is selected, the Lighting and Reflection
controls appear in the pane, but the Crop, Drop Shadow, and Four Corner controls do

When the Project object (located at the top of the Layers list) is selected, controls become
available Inspector that allow you to modify the project’s background color, aspect ratio,
field rendering, motion blur, reflections, and so on. For more information on project
properties, see

Project Properties