Motion 5 - File Browser Stack

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File Browser Stack

Underneath the File Browser sidebar is the file stack, which displays the contents of the
folder selected in the sidebar. You can scroll through long stacks using a scroll bar or with
a two-finger swipe on a Multi-Touch trackpad.

When you Control-click a file in the File Browser stack, shortcut menu displays the following

Open in Viewer: Opens the file in a viewer window.

Open in QuickTime Player: Opens the file in a QuickTime window.

Reveal in Finder: Displays the location of the file in the Finder.

Rename: Turns the name of the file into an active text field so you can enter a new


Move to Trash: Moves the file into the Trash.

To view the contents of a folder displayed in the file stack
Do one of the following:


Double-click the folder.


Select the folder, then press Return.


Chapter 2

The Motion Interface

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To return to a previously viewed folder
Do one of the following:


Click the Back button beneath the preview area (to the left of the Path pop-up menu).


Choose a folder from the Path pop-up menu beneath the preview area.


Press Command–Up Arrow.


Swipe left with three fingers on a Multi-Touch trackpad.