Motion 5 - File Browser Preview Area

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File Browser Preview Area

The top area of the File Browser contains a preview of the selected file. The preview area
includes a visual preview and text information about the file: filename, media type, file
size, and frame rate. If the file is a video or audio clip, the preview area also contains an
audio mute button.

Note: When displayed in the preview area, audio files contain a text description but no
image preview.

To play a preview of a file


Select the file in the File Browser.

If the file is a media clip, the preview starts playing.

Note: If you do not want items to play automatically in the preview area when you click
them, deselect the “Play items automatically on a single click” checkbox in the General
pane of Motion Preferences.

To pause or resume playback of a file


Move the pointer over the visual preview, then click the Pause or Play button that appears
over the thumbnail.

To import a file displayed in the preview area


Select the file in the File Browser.


Click the Import button in the preview area.

The file is added to the project (to the Canvas, Layers list, Timeline, and Media list).

Note: For a larger preview, double-click any file listed in the File Browser. This opens a
viewer window where you can preview the file at its native size. You can also Control-click
a file and choose Open in QuickTime Player from the shortcut menu.


Chapter 2

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