Motion 5 - RAM Previewing Regions

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RAM Previewing Regions

Previewing large sections of your project using RAM Preview requires large quantities of
RAM to store frames. You may not have enough RAM to store all frames you want to
preview. You can restrict which frames are rendered by choosing to preview the play
range or a selection. Using RAM Preview on a selection renders all visible layers in the
project from the first frame of the selection until the last.

For more information on setting a project play range, see

Defining the Play Range


To RAM Preview the play range


Choose Mark > RAM Preview > Play Range.

The RAM Preview dialog appears, and displays a progress bar. When RAM Preview is
completed, the dialog closes.

To RAM Preview a selection


In the Timeline, Command-Option-drag the region to preview.

A highlight appears over the selected frames.

For more information on regions, see

Working with Regions



Choose Mark > RAM Preview > Selection.

The RAM Preview dialog appears. When RAM Preview is completed, the dialog closes.