Motion 5 - Canvas Shortcut Menu

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Canvas Shortcut Menu

When no objects are selected, the Canvas has its own shortcut menu that allows you to
access several useful tools.


Chapter 2

The Motion Interface

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To use the Canvas shortcut menu


Control-click an empty area of the Canvas (in the gray area outside the project) and choose
an option from the shortcut menu:

New Group: Adds a group to the project above existing groups in the Layers list.

Import: Opens the Import Files dialog, which allows you to import files from the Finder.

Paste: Pastes any item copied to the Clipboard into the selected group in the project.

Project Properties: Opens the Properties Inspector for the project, which allows you to

modify the project’s background color, aspect ratio, field rendering, motion blur,
reflections, and so on. For more information on project properties, see

Project Properties